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    Congratulations to the 5 winners of our short film contest about Climate change organized in partnership with Festival Atmosphères, Ushuaïa TV et Solidays !!!
    The films will be screened at Solidays Festival in Paris, june 28 at 13h30.


    The 5 films selected by the public are :
    – “By the way, daddy…” by Christian Souilhol
    – “Energy with ifs” by Adèle van Eiszner & Camille Hélénon
    – “Cuida el agua” by Tomás Conde & Virginia Curiá
    – “Doctor, is it serious ?” by Aurélie Cordon & Julien Née
    – “…Rien ne va plus ! ” d’Alice Révérend

    "Cuida el agua" by Tomás Conde & Virginia Curiá

Green Up Film Festival : first movie festival 100% web and positive, by and for users


Sunday 24 May 2015

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Friday 3 Apr 2015

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The themes

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