• Individual and collective initiatives are arising around the world to face and cope with the continual acceleration of our lifestyles.

    These alternatives are the last shields against ecological, economic and social disasters, and they are also contributing to build a new world.


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Monday 10 Mar 2014

Pour éviter de futurs drames, tel que celui du Rana Plaza, de Bhopal ou de l’Erika, les entreprises multinationales doivent devenir juridiquement responsables de leurs actes.
Pour que les droits humains prévalent sur la course au profit et que les entreprises assument leurs responsabilités, envoyons un appel à nos dirigeants !
Je fais entendre ma voix


Sunday 13 Apr 2014

You are a beekeeper, a scientist, or a citizen willing to advocate for bees?
Discover Bee2Bees, an open source and open data website which follows losses in colonies of bees across Europe…
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Food / Agriculture

The world population is growing…it's time to support sustainable agriculture to ensure our ability to feed EVERYONE.
Buying local, organic, in-season and sustainable food products is a way to support a Green...


Ecosystems are under unprecedented pressure, threatening prospects for sustainable development.
While the challenges are daunting, they also provide opportunities for local communities, business and governments to...


What meaning should we give our existence?
What is the place of human beings in the world and what is their rapport to the other species?
What kind of society would we like to live in and what world do we...