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Sustainable brands that we love

At Green Up Festival we love sustainable brands. Below we give you our favorite sustainable brands of 2020.

Of course we fully support using sustainable brands as much as possible throughout the festival. We start simple, with recycling all waste that the festival produces and always giving preference to recycled, reused or repurposed products.

Of course we want to give an example to others. So we take it a step further and we aim to be eco-friendly in everything we do. It’s a mindset that we totally endeavor, but moreover we also want to show our clients and suppliers that sustainability is important.

All the people that work at Green Up Festival support this sustainability mindset. Also in our private life’s we pursue a sustainable lifestyle. We eat as much as possible organic and vegetarian, supporting vegan options. We use green energy, support green transportation to work and always choose eco-friendly solutions or alternatives. So sustainable brands are really at the center of our daily activities.

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This is not always easy. Of course we sometimes struggle to find a sustainable alternative. Our solution is to just let it rest for a while. Sit back and relax. After a short while, a solution always comes up. The most important thing is the effort to make the world more sustainable.

Are you going to start sustainable living? Great! You’ll soon realize that you have some great options for shopping. The sustainable brands below are the sustainable brands we love. Check it out!

Asos jeans
Asos recycled denim

Sustainable brands in fashion

  • Rêve En Vert: Is more of a sustainable platform, selling clothing, active wear, beauty products and accessories. Rêve En Vert also has a sustainable clothing line.
  • TRAID: TRAID is more of a charity shop, collecting second hand clothing to resell. Stop wasting clothes and donate it to charity, resell or reuse. Never just throw away something that is still usable in some way.
  • Vinted: A second hand clothing platform, with high fashion and expensive brands, but then second hand and therefor at reduced price. You can personally sell and buy on this platform. It’s great and pretty trustworthy.
  • Gather&See: Here you’ll find different philosophies in ethical and sustainable fashion, like organic, fair trade, eco-friendly, vegan and small scale production. Which item do you like most? Take a look, because they sell awesome stuff.
  • ASOS Recycled Denim: ASOS is a big player in online clothing sales. Jeans are very polluting. ASOS Recycled Denim therefor uses a mix of recycled materials, like cotton.
  • Stella McCartney: She is a truly inspirational designer in terms of sustainability, designing beautiful creations made of eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable brands in shoes

  • Veja: Here you’ll find the most trendy sustainable sneakers ever. Veja uses natural rubber from trees, so rubber that’s not made from materials derived from petroleum. They have a vegan shoe line as well and hold a fair trade certification.
  • Nike: Nike is a big brand that you definitely know. Did you know they also have eco-friendly clothing made of recycled plastics? Exactly. So do prefer the sustainable Nike product line.
  • Adidas: They same goes for Adidas. A big brand that collaborates with an organization to use ocean’s plastics in new products. This line is called Adidas x Parley. Check it out!

These are the 10 sustainable companies of 2020

sustainable companies

Sustainable brands in food

  • Whole Foods Markets: The best supermarket around, selling mainly organic products and food brands. Little pricy, but that’s the real price of good quality, organic food.
  • Le Pain Quotidien: Selling delicious breads, lunches and breakfast, using organic ingredients and seasonal products. Many will testify that Le Pain Quotidien sells the best bread ever.
  • Local products, from local producers and farmers: Always go for the local thing. These products have travelled the minimum to reach your kitchen and are most of the time simply delicious. Go for organic and local and enjoy what your region has to offer. This is always the most sustainable option, in which you also support local businesses instead of big chains.  

Sustainable brand for household

  • Natural cleaning products: We humans have this fake idea that cleaning products are a separate thing and that only chemicals can truly clean our living environment. Chemicals are very damaging, though. Better use natural products, like vinegar, lemon and water. These products clean just as well as chemicals, but are not damaging to your personal health, the health of your children and pets and to nature.
  • Reusable microfiber cloths: These cloths clean excellent, seriously. They last a lifetime because they are washable. That’s always the best solution.
  • Bio D: This brand uses plant-based ingredients, resulting in natural household products. Also the packaging is recyclable and made of recycled materials.

Sustainable brands in interior design

  • Ikea: Yes, our favorite Scandinavian interior designer is very sustainable, aiming to minimize the effects on our environment and eco-system. For example, by using solar panels on their stores, minimizing waste, using recycled materials and wood from responsible wood production methods, etc. Best example: the Ikea Kungbacka kitchen, made from plastic bottles.
  • Solar panel windows: Designer Marian van Aubel designs fantastic colored windows that have a double function as solar panel. It looks absolutely great and has a very sustainable double function.
  • Naked Flooring: Eco-friendly floors made from natural materials. For example: 100% natural carpets, made of wool.
  • Goldfinger Factory has awesome interior design products. Take a look and be amazed. This furniture is made from waste materials, but also new, eco-friendly materials.
bare soaps

Sustainable brands in beauty and body products

  • Bare Soaps: A beauty brand that uses natural ingredients. Bare Soaps produces high quality products. They have a sustainable production process, but are additionally socially sustainable.

All the sustainable brands

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