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12 Best Movies and Documentaries on Sustainability on Netflix

These are our favorite movies and documentaries on sustainability. Netflix is the first place I go to watch the best movies and documentaries on sustainability, because Netflix simply has the best and widest choice of movies, series and documentaries. And of course because Netflix has a fantastic user interface and user experience.

My favorite sustainability documentaries and movies

So I was thinking: It’s nice of us to give you a list of our favorite documentaries on sustainability, but we also want you to actually be able to watch them. So these are the best documentaries on sustainability on Netflix, assuming that most people have (access to) a Netflix account.

Tip: Add these documentaries on sustainability on your Netflix list, so you can easily find and watch them.

So turn down your heater, put on a warm sweater, make a pot of tea, cozy up under a blanket on your couch and start one of these movies and documentaries on sustainability.

Be prepared to be blown away and amazed, and learn something new about the world we live in.

1.     A life on our planet, by David Attenborough

The extraordinary documentary A Life On Our Planet is really about the extraordinary life and heritage of David Attenborough. It’s about our planet and how we preserve it. Absolutely beautiful, but also confronting: How can we work with nature, instead of against it?

2.     Planet Earth

My all-time favorite documentary on sustainability. Planet Earth is a nature movie, but really it’s about finding a sustainable solution to preserve nature, animal life and natural wonders on earth. David Attenborough tells you amazing stories about the natural beauty on earth. Planet Earth has been filmed across 64 countries, over a period of four years. It’s a real classic and a must see for all humans on earth.

3.     A Plastic Ocean

This film explores the causes and consequences of plastics in our oceans. Deeply intriguing, as this is a growing problem with enormous consequences. Watch this sustainability movie to be aware.

4.     The true cost

The True Cost’ gives you a honest insight on the true environmental and human costs of the production of clothes. It’s a genuine eye opener. I highly recommend this documentary. You will get an insight about the clothing industry, something you didn’t know nor realized about the clothes you have in your own closet.

5.     Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy goes further than a ‘save the animals’ theme in the agricultural discussion.

This sustainability documentary addresses the concerns about the agriculture industry destroying out planet, and why no-one dares to do anything about it. Agriculture has a great impact on our environment as a leading cause of deforestation, CO2 emissions and global warming. Find out more and watch this sustainability documentary.

6.     Happy

Nominated for an Academy award, the film Happy travels around the world to discover the true meaning of ‘happy’. After reading an article in the New York Times, raking the United States as number 23 of the happiest countries in the world, the maker of ‘Happy’ traveled the world to discover what happiness actually is. Spoiler alert: it’s not the American Dream.

7.     More than honey

Without bees, mankind would have only four years left to live on earth. Bees are essential in our ecosystem, but are dying due to human intervention. By polluting our environmental system, we are killing an essential part of this system.

In the More Than Honey documentary on sustainability, Markus Imhoof addresses why bees are facing extinction worldwide. Another spoiler alert: it’s our fault! But you probably already knew this. So watch this documentary to figure out what you can do about it.

8.     Forks over knives

More people in the United States suffer and die of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, hart diseases, etc. How come? This documentary explains the problem and gives a solution: a plant-based diet as apposed to a western (US) diet. ‘Forks over knives’ claims a processed animal based diet is the cause of many physical problems we experience in the western world. This movie gives you another point of view on the importance of ‘what you eat’. Really interesting.

9.     No Impact Man

This is a very interesting self research, and pretty entertaining to watch. In No Impact Man (2009), Colin Beavan and his family choose to live one year without causing any impact on the environment. This is a number one documentary on sustainability. For one entire year, Colin and his family take the bike instead of a car, walk stairs instead of taking the elevator, don’t buy new things they don’t need, etc. How will they experience this drastic, life changing, but no impact year? And what does a zero impact life look like? Watch No Impact Man.

10.  The 11th hour

It’s is no joke. This 2007 movie on sustainability describes how humanity has arrived at the 11th hour. This is the last moment to change the destructive impact on our ecosystem, the last moment of change. Some renowned experts and persons comment on this issue, like Mikhail Gorbachev, Stephan Hawking and William McDonough. The sustainability movie The 11th Hour gets you. It forces you to realize that change is necessary.

11.  Minimalism

You have something you’re crazy about, but then a new version comes out and ‘you need to have it’.

Minimalism is a movie that explores how the urge to ‘buy’ and ‘have’ in capitalism is pushed forward by companies, but is misleading consumers. By becoming aware of this issue, you can escape this trap. The sustainability movie Minimalism explores how your life might be better with less stuff. You’ll take an insight look in the lives of minimalistic living people. I love how you can take a look inside someone’s life by watching a documentary, and therefor I loved this movie.

12.  Fed Up

Our kids have a racing appetite, but they don’t exercise. In fact: they eat waaaay too much sugar and processed food. Over 600.000 food items in the US have more than 80% added sugar. Are we actually killing the next generation? The movie Fed Up will change the way you look at food and the way you eat.

What are your favorite movies and documentaries on sustainability issues and environmental issues? Netflix has a great choice in documentaries, adding new movies and documentaries on sustainability all the time. That’s why I love Netflix.