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Movies about sustainable agriculture

What are the absolute must-see movies about sustainable agriculture? I love documentaries and movies with a message. They give me an insight in another life and/or another world. It broadens my perspective of the world and, essentially, on life. That’s valuable. Documentaries have the powerful effect of influencing my stand towards important life issues. Movies about sustainable agriculture are at the center of this interest, as I’m lately especially drawn towards sustainability issues. So let me share with you my favorite ones that you should definitely watch!

Is it a rainy day? Then relax, warm up under a blanket and enjoy one of my favorite movies about sustainable agriculture to help you changing your life towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

1.    Forks Over Knives

The name already got me, I must say. I though by myself: this must be a great movie about sustainable agriculture. And it was!

We have both a food crisis and a health crisis. Could these two be related? Yes, they are.

The sustainability movie Forks over Knives might be the last push you need to fully change towards a plant-based lifestyle. The ‘Why’ really doesn’t matter, and might be health related, an ethical decision, an environmental reason or just a conscious step towards a better lifestyle. Whatever your reason may be, a plant-based diet is one of the best lifestyle changes you can make. It will transform your body, mind and greatly reduce your ecological footprint.

Are you ready to be amazed? Open you heart and be surprised by this movie about sustainable agriculture.

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2.    The True Cost of Food

  • Where does food come from?
  • What does the food production industry look like?

The True Cost of Food answers these kind of questions, in only 15 minutes. Only 15 minutes, but a whole lot of information and knowledge.

Spoiler alert: food is way more than what the label tells you.

Watch The True Cost of Food below.

3.    Food Inc.

This is one of the most known movie about sustainable agriculture. Food Inc. was a true eye-opener for me. This movie gives an insight into large scale industrial agriculture. The agricultural sector has become way bigger than just ‘farming’. This sector has as a effect huge costs for both humans and nature.

Do you want to know what you’re actually eating? This movie unveils facts about agriculture that were hidden for your eye.

4.    Gardens of Destiny

I love people who are passionate about nature. In Garden of Destiny, you’ll meet the residents of Saltspring Island, an island on the west coast of British Columbia. These people run a successful seed sanctuary, growing seeds and saving the for other humans and future generations.

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In this documentary you’ll learn more about the essential power of seeds in our agricultural production system, for example concerning genetic plant diversity to create powerful plants or more nutritious products and the benefits of organic agriculture and organic gardening.

5.    Dirt! The Movie

A healthy environment is essential for humans, in order to have clean air and water. Dirt! The Movie explores the healthy attributes of our livable biosphere. Dirt! The Movie is about sand, soil, dirt, land, etc. This contains everything we need as humans, and gives us everything we need.

Interesting, huh! Watch the full version of Dirt! The Movie below.

6.    Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods

  • What do your kids actually eat?
  • Do you know what GMO’s are?

GMO means Genetically Modified Organism. These are hidden dangers in food, but largely unknown nor tested. Especially children are vulnerable for GMO’s, because their bodies are still developing. At the same time children are not aware of these dangers, but attracted by these food products. GMO’s are therefor a real threat for children. Be aware. This movie shows you why.

8.    Deconstructing Supper

In Deconstructing Supper we follow John Bishop, a restaurant owner. He helps us to better understand the food we eat and what food does to our body. The very interesting part about this movie on sustainable agriculture is that John really tries his best to answer his customer’s answers the best he can.

9.    The Future of Food

Did you know certain companies own the genes of plants through a patent system? This weird construction shows the influence that large corporations have on the agricultural sector, and on our food production system. This is not about growing food. It’s actually about owning patents, in order to make money with selling them. This movie shows you the drastic consequences for environmental issues and public health of this part of the agricultural industry.